Huda TV

About Huda TV

There are many satellite channels available to viewers around the world, but one in particular stands out in terms of quality programming, decency and commitment to the message of Islam. Huda has a team of hard-working people from all over the world. These people have vast knowledge in different aspects of life and Islamic practice and perceptions. The Muslim world is not confined to one particular area of the earth; there are now Muslims in every corner of the globe. Huda plays the important role of drawing them together under the light of the everlasting message of Islam that is pertinent for all eras and places until the end of time.Huda seeks to be your comprehensive satellite channel offering a wide variety of programs. By watching Huda you can learn the correct recitation of Quran, learn the Arabic language, be entertained with quiz shows, learn calligraphy, cooking or enjoy their variety of children’s programs.

Huda TV Live Stream

Huda TV on Nilesat:

Frequency : 11564
Pol. : Horizontal
SR : 27500
FEC : 2/3

Huda TV on Intelsat 20:

Frequency : 4149.5
Pol. : Horizontal
SR : 14400
FEC : 3/4

Huda TV on Badr 7:

Frequency : 11010
Pol. : Vertical
SR : 27500
FEC : 3/4




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