ToobaForTheStrangers.com is an Islamic site concerned with several islamic themes, aiming to spread Islam to all the human beings, and to provide assistance for muslims with their several Religious Affairs.

Main Objectives of the Site

    • To spread the true message of Islam to all the Human Beings.
    • To give a broad-based theoretical Islamic knowledge, to create familiarity with Quranic rules with application in recitation.
    • To create a constructive recreational activity helping the community members release the stress of their daily work activities or commitments.
    • To help the community members strengthen their brotherhood and sisterhood.

– This website DOES NOT belong to any political or any particular sect or denomination.

Founder Profile

Ahmed M. Tahboub
Birth Year: 1408 AH (1988)
Nationality: Jordanian

Not a Sheikh/scholar in Islam, nor a student of knowledge (Talibu “ilm) directly studied under any scholar.
I am just a brother trying to learn my Religion by following the Authentic Salaf and Scholars and Students of knowlege and thereby spreading the Authentic Islamic Knowledge.


– Special thanks to the Sheikh Anwer Alkurdi who taught me Tajweed.
– Special thanks to the Graphic Designer & Film Maker Feras Awad.